Just about everybody with extra pounds to lose would love to buy a magic pill to suppress their appetite enough to make dieting a breeze. The solution is easier than you think. And the only side-effects are that it will leave you feeling healthier, happier and better than you thought possible. So what are you 'weighting' for? Try it for 2 weeks ~ you have nothing to lose except your excess pounds!

The Rules

For an obese person, it's a reasonable assumption that they have tried to weigh less by eating less  --- i.e. calorie restriction.  If that approach had worked, that person would not be obese. 

Does this ring a bell?  For more reading on the science behind this approach, you will undoubtedly enjoy Gary Taube's book, "Good Calories, Bad Calories".  There is a pdf summary of the book available online to get you going, but this is a book worth owning.  You will find yourself wanting to highlight sections and rereading them over and over.

The Grain Ride's basic premise couldn't be simpler:   

No grains, starchy vegetables or added sugar.

That means cutting out:
Potatoes (regular or sweet potatoes)
Cookies, cake and candies
Beans and legumes*

Instead, fill your plate with nutrient-packed foods with a low sugar content:
Vegetables, lots of them
Meat, fish, poultry
Yogurt (high fat is fine)
Fruit (berries are a good choice, but avoid tropical fruits like mango, pineapple & banana)
Nuts in moderation (not peanuts, which are a legume)
Cheese, milk and other dairy products

And that's pretty much it!  There is no need for calorie counting, and in fact, there are studies that show that calorie restriction slows down the rate of weight loss.  So, simply eat until you are comfortably full.  As you get used to this new way of eating, you will probably find that your portion sizes adjust by themselves.  You won't be hungry, and you won't be getting those late afternoon lows that have people heading for the kitchen for a sweet snack.

"I could never give up bread and pasta!"
Although this is really straightforward, most people looking at this "diet" for the first time react quite negatively.  This is a knee-jerk reaction.  Think about it some more.  Read the rest of this site.    When you are ready to get off the grain ride, you will find you can do it.  It's almost effortless, it doesn't involve calorie counting and you will find yourself loving the food you eat. 

You'll be cutting the beige foods from your diet, and replacing them with a rainbow of tasty options.  It's all about good nutrition.  You will be eating until you are comfortably full.

*In case you're wondering about this one, beans and legumes are highly nutritious, but they do pack a high carbohydrate load, even after factoring in the fibre content.  It's very easy to veer off track with portion control when you're eating them.

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